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Downtown San Diego Living is best described by its dazzling entertainment, eclectic restaurants, panoramic bay views, great shopping, convenience, excitement and neighborhood charm all wrapped into one dynamic location.

Success Stories

Thanks for dropping the key and fob by, and doing such a great job as our Realtor! Stan and I are very impressed with the way you work. We will spread the word if given a chance.

Cheri Joseph | Doma Seller

Thank you for helping Laura and I in the search for a home away from home in San Diego. You definetly bring a unique, more informed and comforting approach to the real estate experience. It has been a pleasure working with you.

John & Laura Kandoth, NY

Chad, you should be proud of the level at which you practice.  I could tell immediately that you are a top shelf broker, with interests other than just marketing and closing.  Today, every sale is complex and owners need top shelf representation.  Your clients are fortunate.

Bryan M. Garrie, Esq.

  • Bryan M. Garrie, APC, 1117 Wall Street, Suite Four, La Jolla, California 92037
  • Telephone (858) 459-0020; Facsimile   (858) 459-0777



“The name of our realtor is Chad Dannecker. As I mentioned to you when we spoke, I think he’s amazing. I’ve been involved in the purchase and sale of three homes now and Chad is above and beyond any other realtor that I’ve worked with. He’s GREAT about communicating with you and keeping you the in the loop with the process. Chad made it all do-able. He priced our property correctly and it was taken off the market quickly so we could go back to our lives.

The short sale process is longer (as I’m sure you’ve heard) from typical real estate deals. More paperwork, etc. Chad has a full time processor who spends her time on the phone with the banks staying on top of your case and getting you a negotiator.

Anyway – I trust Chad completely. He’s a super hard worker, good honest person and always seems invested in doing the right thing and supporting his clients in any way he can to get the result they want. I have two other friends that were involved in short sales for over 12 mo. YIKES! Chad told us that ours would most likely last 3-4 months and he was right on. We started the process in Aug. I’m sure each case is different and he’d have to evaluate what will work for you – but either way, I would recommend Chad with flying colors.”

Marcus & Anne Schreiber  |  Downtown San Diego, CA


I just want you to know that we both think so highly of you and your father and how you do business. Ray and I were both saying today that even if we were not trying to buy Real Estate and trust your expertise, we would consider it an honor to know both of you and would cherish a friendship. Thank-you for your honesty and professionalism. You are both great guys.  I hope our dream will come true. But either way, we know we can trust you both and enjoy the search.  Sincerely,

Vicki & Ray Kwiatkowski  |  Coronado, CA


“We had an extremely positive experience working with Dannecker and Associates. We’ve been through several real estate transactions and this was by far the smoothest one. Chad communicated with us frequently and kept us up to date on the progress of our deal. Any issues that arose along the way were handled quickly and efficiently. Thank you Chad for a no-stress real estate transaction!”

Gary & Sandy Walker | Downtown San Diego, CA


“We were blown away at how well Chad knows his business – the market, the neighborhoods, negotiations with other agents, lenders, all of it. The complete professional package! Chad and his group made the entire buying experience enjoyable, memorable and infinitely less confusing than it might otherwise have been. Later, still looking out for us, Chad arranged for us to refinance under very attractive terms with a minimum of fuss. We would recommend Chad to anyone serious about taking action involving San Diego county real estate.”

Bob Petrachek | San Diego, CA

“Chad Dannecker was instrumental in helping us relocate from the East Coast. The process would have been totally daunting had it not been for him. Chad was wonderfully patient as he initially helped us zero-in from an unfocused wish-list to one ideal solution. Once accomplished, he worked tirelessly to find a unit that met those specifications. Not only did he immediately notify us of new listings, but also proactively contacted owners of identical units in order to ascertain potential interest in selling. Had it not been for his thorough approach, we would not have found what we were looking for. But at that point, several unexpected obstacles to closing arose. Chad hung in there throughout the tedious resolution process, facilitating all discussions and paperwork until the day we closed. He is one remarkable realtor who truly cares about helping people find dream homes, and not just his commissions.”

Carol | East Coast Transplant


“Thank you so much for all your hard work in submitting and negotiating our offer with the bank. We feel so lucky to have gotten this home and we never could have done it without following your advice. You and your team are awesome and we will recommend you to all our friends! Cheers”

Ben Ledsam and Danielle Ybarro-Ledsam | San Diego, CA


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