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Looking upon the great cities of the world, one can observe that a vibrant downtown can foster economic growth for an entire region, provide wonderful experiences for people and also allow for culture to bloom. The City of San Diego, with its decision to create the Center City Development Corporation in 1975, put into action its commitment to reverse the area’s then physical, social and economic decline. They also laid a foundation that would be sure to create jobs, increase business activity and boost tax revenues. That commitment developed the beautiful and vibrant downtown community that we have come to know today.

Since redevelopment of Downtown San Diego began, nearly $15 billion has been invested and $1.45 billion has been spent on public improvements. Today we find new retail, residential and office developments that have added to the well rounded community that is Downtown San Diego.

Today, more than 75,000 people work downtown and more than 35,000 live in the area. Thousands more come downtown daily to vacation, conduct business, shop, dine, attend cultural, educational and entertainment events, and to enjoy the  world-class waterfront. These numbers are increasing with each passing year and the future of San Diego continues to move it into the top 10 places to live in the United States.

The future growth of San Diego looks very bright. Commercial and residential development is envisioned to accommodate up to 90,000 residents and 165,000 jobs by the year 2030 and downtown is expected to absorb the majority of the region’s future population growth.

There are many new developments on the books for downtown San Diego. Below we highlight a few of the most exciting developments, but the best place to view future San Diego Developments is the CCDC website or information center located at Horton Plaza. There is a scale model of the city with current buildings as well as future projects that will soon grace the city’s skyline.

Downtown’s Most Exciting Upcoming Commercial Developments

  • The San Diego Quite Zone San Diego has plans to eliminate the noise polution of the trains sounding their horns.
  • North Embarcadero Visionary Plan | Downtown San Diego’s western waterfront will undergo a dramatic revitalization

  • Navy Broadway Complex | The anchor of the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan


  • Redevelopment of Lane Field | San Diego’s prized waterfront at the Broadway Street Pier
  • Civic Center Complex | The Redevelopment of Downtown San Diego’s Core District
  • SD Civic Center
  • The C Street Master PlanA prestigious prommenade for Downtown San Diego
  • The Park to Bay Link | The vision to link Balboa Park to the San Diego Bay

Downtown’s Most Exciting Upcoming Residential Developments

  • Pier

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