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Just ask anyone who loves San Diego what is so special about our city and you will probably get an answer that defines “quality of life.” While this is a phrase that is frequently used by civic boosters, government officials and corporate recruiters, it can mean different things to various people. We think it’s a safe to say that for most San Diegans, “quality of life” means the unique combination of our outstanding weather, great coastal location and easy access to both recreational and cultural activities.

San Diego bustles with liveliness and activity that promote a great year round quality of life. Our weather permits that we can participate in year round outdoor activities that include surfing, beach volleyball, diving, golfing, cycling, running, walking, kayaking, baseball, basketball, football, soccer and other popular sports.

United States Weather Bureau describes San Diego’s weather as the closest thing to perfect in America

Locals and visitors also enjoy warm sunny afternoons at the many beaches and parks. They take pleasure in year round outdoor dining, festivals, and events. In the winter they can take a short drive up the local mountains to play in the snow or they can drive out to the desert to try to avoid the occasional rain storm. San Diegans are quite wimpy when it comes to the elements; it is not uncommon to hear locals say, “it’s cold” when it is in the mid 50’s during the winter. San Diego is truly spoiled with one of the world’s most desirable climates.

San Diego is one of the safest large cities in the United States and the Health Care system is amongst the best in the nation. San Diego is the home of world class shopping opportunities and the is a great public transportation system

The arts and humanities play an important role in San Diego’s culture. There are many festivals which celebrate the positive benefits and inspiration that art brings to San Diego. The Museum of Contemporary Art and the San Diego Museum of Art, along with scores of other arts and humanities organizations throughout San Diego, nurture our minds, educate our children and represent a vibrant industry important to the region’s quality of life and appeal as a destination.

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