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As far back as history can be traced, man has always bought and sold Real Estate. In many countries, only royalty or the upper class could own land. Fortunately, in the United States, this just isn’t the case. Many “everyday people” have invested in real estate and have made a fortune. Many casual investors buy just a few properties to hold as their retirement investment and others buy and flip the properties in a matter of months.

There are ALWAYS opportunities to invest in real estate and make a great Return On Investment.  San Diego is full of amazing opportunities to secure stellar real estate investments.  Whatever your goals may be, at Dannecker & Associates, we are here to help you create an intelligent real estate investment strategy.

Time Proven Draws to Investing in Real Estate

  • Everybody needs housing; there will always be a DEMAND
  • Over time, real estate has proven to be a great investment vehicle in San Diego and CA as a whole.
  • Your risk is limited! You can leverage other people’s money to make your investment. Buy your investment securing a mortgage…your initial investment can be as low as 25% so your exposure to loss is only the 25%, but your potential for gain is 100%.
  • Enjoy the tax benefits of being a home owner…if you are a W-2 employee, you need tax write-offs.
  • The real estate market will always fluctuate in cycles, but you don’t have to worry about your investment evaporating like Enron, Washington Mutual or the many other companies that left their investors devastated in the late 2000’s.
  • Investing in real estate is easy…by following our simple investment principals, you CAN invest in real estate and be SUCCESSFUL.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or inexperienced and need some consulting advice, we are here to help you make sound decisions and build a stellar real estate portfolio. If you have an investment opportunity that you would like to discuss, we’re available to help you. Give Chad a call at 619-309-8011

Sign of the Times | Today’s Current Trends

It’s no secret the foreclosure market is at an all time high. It seems as though more and more properties continue to face foreclosure. Because of the increased volume over the past few years, opportunities for investing in the foreclosure market are tremendous.

Short Sales are becoming more and more popular when buying a property in foreclosure because of the huge discounts banks are offering. Real Estate investing has been taken to a new level of sophistication as more and more investment opportunities are popping up.

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