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San Diego offers so many different forms of entertainment that it is hard to know where to begin. Rest assured, in San Diego you will find no shortage of entertainment, fun and excitement no matter what your fancy.  Downtown is the entertainment hub for the region, but there are good times to be had in every community of San Diego.

San Diego is home to many great theaters, amphitheaters, concert venues, casino’s, art exhibits, museums, and festivals. There are always fun events taking place and the best way to stay up to speed on all the action is to visit our experience page. It provides a calendar of events that include sports, music, art, dance, culinary events and leisure.  The locations below are places in San Diego where entertainment runs abundant.  You will find out top picks for entertainment and if you think we are missing something, please let us know and we’ll add it to our list.  Cheers from all of us at Dannecker & Associates.

Our Top Picks for Downtown

  • House of Blues  |  1055 5th Avenue |  619-299-2583  |  Great happy hour with live music upstairs  |  Fantastic concert Venue
  • Cafe Seville  |  353 5th Avenue  |  619-778-4233  |  Fantastic Dinner and Flamenco Music Show
  • Croces  |  802 5th Avenue  |  619-233-4355  |  Restaurant and Jazz Bar
  • Omnia  |  454 6th Avenue |  619-544-9500  |  Upscale 3 level club with private cabanas and bottle service


Music – Downtown & Central SD



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