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Downtown San Diego is Dog Friendly

Although many may not think of condo living in Downtown San Diego as a pet friendly lifestyle, downtown residents would disagree.  Approximately 40% of Downtown San Diego residents actually own a dog.  It may be a little extra work taking dogs up and down elevators and through lobby’s and halls to go out to the bathroom, but it doesn’t seem to keep people from having their lovable k-9 companions.


Dog owners can be seen at all hours of the day taking their furry family members for walks.  Downtown is actually quite pet friendly.  There are many businesses that cater to dog walking, grooming, boarding and pet accessories.  Many of the neighborhoods, like Little Italy, even provide “poo” bags for owners to clean up after their pets.

Dog Park for Downtown San Diego?

Although Downtown San Diego does not have an official dog park, many residents take their dogs to Amici Park at Washington Elementary school after the kids get out for the day.  There is a large grassy area and dogs can frequenlty be spotted running leash free in an area enclosed by a metal gate so they are not in danger of traffic. 

Downtown residents can also make a quick trip up to the leash free dog park at Balboa Park on Laurel just this side of the bridge that crosses the 163 Freeway.  Others like to head to the beach to take their dogs to play in the waves at Coronado dog beach or Ocean Beach’s dog beach.  We prefer Coronado because there is a hose where pet owners can give their dogs a bath before bringing them home.


As pet owners, it is important that we pick up after our dogs.  Lately I have noticed a large increase in the amount of dog waste that owners have neglected to pick up.  It is our responsibilty to pick up after our dogs.   The easiest way to lose community support for dog parks and a dog friendly city is to not be respectful of our city. 

 I personally have a dog and love him very much, but after stepping in poo twice in the last 2 weeks on my late night walk with Toby, I have to admit that I have been getting irritated with irresponsible pet owners.  It is these folks that will end up ruining downtown’s dog friendliness by upsetting the non pet owners with their lack of respect for our beautiful city.  Please be respectful and clean up after your pets so the city of San Diego continues to be a pet friendly city.

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