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San Diego Golf and Downtown San Diego Condos

I bet you are wondering what Golf and Real Estate Downtown San Diego have in common…

According to a study released recently by the National University System Institute for Policy Research, in 2008 golf in San Diego County had a total direct and indirect economic contribution of $3.7 billion and was responsible for approximately 26,900 jobs and led to the buying of a strong amount of San Diego Real Estate.

San Diego Golf

Spending on golf-related supplies and services from those living outside of the county totaled $1.5 billion. This is comparable to the San Diego region annually hosting 10 Super Bowls or 37 Comic-Con conventions. Golf-related enterprises realized more revenue in 2008 than the region’s aerospace ($1.8 billion), agriculture ($1.6 billion), or software industry ($1.6 billion) industries.

Not only does this help local residents buy San Diego real estate in the way of high paying jobs, but it brings a lot of golfers into town during the hot summer months to enjoy our temperate weather, excellent golf courses and our exciting city. It is estimated that the sport of golf attracts more than one thousand home buyers to San Diego each year. Many of them buy real estate in San Diego because they can simply lock the door and leave for months at a time. The airport is only a few minutes away and they have all the entertainment, shopping and dining they could ever ask for at their fingertips.

Many other folks decide to retire in San Diego and they like that they can live downtown in a building like Pinnacle San Diego or Bayside condos and can golf year round. San Diego does not have extreme summers or winters and each year the average golfer would only have to cancel a few tee times on account of rain.

The study focuses on evaluating the economic value of all the component parts of the golf industry: equipment manufacturers, professional tournaments, golf-related tourism, and the retail sale of golf equipment and apparel.  This is important as there are a myriad of synergies between these different pieces. For example, the region’s golf equipment companies benefit from being able to demonstrate their goods at golf courses in close proximity to their research and development facilities, and the presence of 90 courses in the region helps fuel golf-related tourism.

The report found that the most valuable part of the industry were the region’s golf equipment manufacturers and wholesalers, which in 2008 realized approximately $1.9 billion in revenues and employed 6,700 workers. In large part because of the region’s golf equipment manufacturers, NUSIPR found that San Diego and Providence Rhode Island (home to Acushnet) compete to be either the first or second metropolitan area in the nation when it comes to employment associated with Sporting and Recreational Goods Manufacturing.

“San Diego should be considered the golf capital of the United States,” said NUSIPR President W. Erik Bruvold. “While other regions may be home to more courses or have more golf-related tourism, San Diego is unique in having four vibrant cornerstones of the golf economy. The region hosts multiple professional events, supports 90 golf courses, and is home to the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers.”

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