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Coronado Bridge – New Light Design

Downtown San Diego Condo owners with views of the Coronado Bridge will have a new view. The panel chosen by the Port of San Diego voted yesterday on the three finalist designs and the London based group directed by Peter Fink was the panels first choice.  The Coronado Bridge is an icon for the City of San Diego and we certainly need to showcase it as a trophy.  The Port of San Diego’s panel felt this was the clear winner amongst the designs submitted. 

Coronado Bridge

Downtown San Diego View Condos to see new Coronado Bridge

Part of the popularity with the design chosen is that the lights on both the deck and the pillars will be powered by wind turbines hanging from the pillars on the underside of the bridge.  The lights will have the ability to change colors based on different events, seasons and holidays.  For example, at Christmas, the lights will be green and red;  for holidays like the 4th of July, they will be red, white and blue.  The lights can also be dimmed or brightened depending on the hour of day and volume of traffic.

Coronado Underside

The upgrades to the Coronado Bridge will be a welcome addition for condo owners in Downtown San Diego because it will really make the Sunsets and night time views more amazing than they already are.  Downtown condo buildings like Pinnacle, The Legend and The Mark will really benefit from these improved views.  This is just one more improvement that is going to help the development of East Village because it just adds to the ambiance of an already vibrant and artistic neighborhood.

The project is expected to cost in excess of $5 million and is to be funded by the Port of San Diego, the State Department of Transportation and by privately raised (donated) funds.  The private funds are not yet in place, but the Port does not anticipate any issues receiving private donations for the much needed project.

For more information about condos with views of the Coronado Bridge, give us a call at 619-309-8011.

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