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Sailing the San Diego Bay & your Cell Phone

It was announced this week that new cell phone towers will soon rise on 13th Street in Imperial Beach.  The city council just granted a conditional use permit to AT&Tfor the installation of a telecom system in a clock tower on top of the existin building at 1497 13th Street.  In exchange for operating 12 panel antennas inside the new 28-foot clock tower, AT&T is offering to redisgn and upgrade the landscaping and parking at the location.

sail san diego

What does this have to do with Downtown San Diego?

If you own a boat and sail or cruise the San Diego bay, then you are aware of the many dead zones that you encounter where your cell phone will actually pick up on cell phone towers in Mexico.  There is nothing fun about paying international roaming charges for phone calls when you aren’t really in Mexico.  Cell phone reception will be improved and voice mail will now be accessible on our local waters.  There will be no more guests waiting for you to pick them up at the dock because they can’t get through to you while you are out enjoying the San Diego sun.

The same case occurs in Point Loma at Cabrillo National monument.  If you’ve ever visited the tide pools or museum, then you’ve probably experienced the same.  This should soon be a problem of the past.

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