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An Afternoon in Hillcrest | Saigon on 5th

Mom is visiting from the Midwest and it was a rainy Saturday afternoon.  When people visit San Diego, all of our sightseeing is outdoors; at the beach, The Embarcadero or Balboa Park.  What to do when it rains?

We decided to hop in a cab ($9 including tip from Little Italy) and see a late afternoon movie at The Landmark  in Hillcrest.  Landmark feels like an urban theater should–not like the MULTI-PLEX of the suburbs, but a comfortable 4 screen movie house of smaller, more intimate spaces.

Not a place to see “shoot em up” blockbusters, but a little more than an art theater, you’re likely to see films that will have smaller box office returns and wind up nominated for Emmys.  We chose The King’s Speech from offerings that also included Black Swan and 127 Hours.  It’s a “two thumbs up” movie.  Landmark in Hillcrest was one of only 17 theaters nationally showing the early release.  It will be in full release at Christmas.  We’re so lucky to have this opportunity for such limited releases.  Would you share your thoughts about your Chrismas week movies on this blog?

Saigon on 5th for Dinner

There are virtually limitless options for dining in Hillcrest.  OK, like the rest of San Diego, it may have a few too many Sushi places, but where else are Moroccan and Afghani offerings available in the same block?

So I’ve had my eye on Saigon on 5th  (sorry, no website, this will get you the Zagat reviews) for quite some time.  Located at the corner of Univerity and 5th, as you walk by you can’t help noticing the white table cloths and elegant interior–and numerous “Best of San Diego” awards in the window. 

Our experience exceeded our expectation.  The menu included all of the food groups represented in my basic knowledge of Vietnamese food: Pho bowls and spring rolls.   In addition, the menu is strongly influenced by French Provincial cuisine and included Vietnamese preparations of fabulous ingredients, from Basil Sea Bass to  360 Beef (filet mignon and special sauce).  Most entrees were under $13–Pho and other basic chicken or beef dishes starting at $7.  Service was great, no empty water glasses or wine glasses.

What restaurants would you nominate for “The Best of San Diego?”

What to do on a rainy day?  Next time, I’m thinking about North Park.  Suggestions?

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