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Help Save Downtown San Diego’s Redevelopment Agency

 If you’re not already aware, the Governor of California,  Jerry Brown, is proposing to disband redevelopment agencies and transfer their assets to local authorities. Doing away with Development Agencies in California would be a huge mistake. 

Closing down San Diego’s redevelopment agency, CCDC, would have devastating consequences for Downtown San Diego. The downtown redevelopment agency CCDC, is a cost-effective way to meet the ongoing needs of the downtown community. 

CCDC has successfully created jobs, turned blighted areas into thriving neighborhoods and has created hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax revenue. It has been shown that for every $1 million expended by redevelopment, $13 million gets invested by private developers.

If the Governors objective is reached,  Downtown San Diego’s expansion plans laid out in 2006 will not be implemented.  This includes parks, the North Embarcadero visionary plan, East Village Green and even fire stations.  Jerry Brown is looking to kill the growth of downtown San Diego and incremental tax revenue which has been the economic engine for San Diego.

 On Monday, January 24 at 6 PM, the City Council will be considering a resolution submitted by Councilman Kevin Faulconer asking the Governor not to proceed with his plan.  Please attend this important meeting and voice your opinion…it is imperative that we look after our wonderful city. 

If you cannot attend, but still would like to express your concerns to City Council, please visit Downtown San Diego Org and fill out the form notifying City Council that you are requesting their support for the resolution.

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