Welcome to San Diego Blog | January 1, 2011

San Diego International Auto Show

The San Diego international auto show is back in town this weekend.  Tomorrow, Sunday, is the last day join in on the fun.  With a sunny 72 degree day on the forecast, what a perfect way to enjoy Downtown San Diego.  Tomorrow is family day and all children under 13 years old receive free admission. 

Highlights include

  • Ford Built  San Diego- check out Ride & Drive
  • GM Experience features The Drive
  • Hyundai Ride & Drive Experience
  • Jeep’s own Rocks & Road Tour
  • Kia Experience the New Standard Tour
  • Toyota;s saftey Drive Center

Special features include the Gran Turismo 5 video game for kids, classic and exotic cars for the serious car collector and even the think blue ecco center.  Head over to Gaslamp Quarter for lunch and try Donovan’s new Circle of 5ths or go grab a great burger at Nicki Rottens.

Buy your tickets online.

Written by: chad

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