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Bub’s Whiskey Dive Downtown San Diego

East Village Bub’s Whiskey Dive…

…Grand opening was Friday Febraury 4th.  Although Bub’s is generally known as being a Steeler’s fan’s bar, I think they will be well received in Downtown’s East Village Neighborhood.  I’m still a little shocked that the Charger’s don’t even have their own Downtown San Diego bar yet, but apparently San Diego fans are like a deer in the headlights…no innitiative.

Bub’s Whiskey Dive is ideally located on the corner of Seventh and J Streets just North of The Legend condo building.  It has what I would call the best outdoor cafe style seating are of any restaurant in East Village.  Another great design feature is that they have roll up garage doors style windows that make the space a huge indoor-outdoor style venue. 

With an extra large bar smack middle in the restaurant and TV’s mounted on every surface possible, I think this place is going to do very well.  My personal favorites are the shuffle board table and the basketball cages…Yes, you can shoot hoops and get the competitive juices flowing.  Game on!!

All The Way at Bub’s Whiskey Dive

Ball Park Bub’s Whiskey Dive Downtown San Diego

You couldn’t possibly miss BUB’s East Village as it has huge pink neon signs and colorful beer company logo lights in the windows.   Bub’s proudly boasts six large American Flags hanging from poles off the facade of the buiding and they demand your attention.

The Menu – The menu consists of sandwhich options, pasta dishes, steaks, kabobs, fish and chips, plenty of apetizers and TATER TOTS!  I ordered the Beach Break Steak Sandwhich and went, “All the way” which means they add grilled bell peppers, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms.  All I can say is…Delicious and I’ll be back for sure!  Oh, did I mention that they serve peanuts in the shell and you can just toss the shell on the ground?

I’m sure today’s Super Bowl will be a huge success at Bubs.  If you are a Charger’s fan, do you think it is anti-Chargers to visit Bub’s?

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  1. Already my favorite spot in downtown. Probably one of the most solid openings I’ve ever seen. Some minor beginning tweaks needed but overall this place is awesome.

  2. Out and about in Downtown with friend and hunny, who works in downtown. It was date night with friends so we had started off in other bars for Happy Hour, then the hunny wanted to try out the new Bub’s in DT so there we go…….
    Everthing was fine at first, we ordered a pitcher, wings and 2 Margaritas. So our drinks first the boys loved their beer but my Margarita was too too sweet (and I ordered on the rocks)???? So I asked the girl nicely if I can have another one less sweet. I think she got affended??? There I got up to use the bathroom and ran into her saw her talking to the security, then I come out of the bathroom to find myself being stopped by the two sercurity men she was talking to.. TheY told me I had to leave??????? WTF???
    Stood in my was I wasnt even allowed to get my belongings from the both or tell my party I was getting kicked out?? I called I had to walk around the corner and wave my hands so they could see me through the window by the both. We had all had one wing to eat (but that was enough to make us all feel super sick who knows maybe they spit in our food??
    Very rood, and it looked like a nice spot to hang out and enjoy yourself with friend, maybe the one in PB has better service because in this one I had a SUPER BAD EXPERIENCE……….

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