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Coffee and Art Coffee Bar

East Village Downtown San Diego Coffee and Art Coffee Bar…

…is located  at 777 6th Ave Condo building on the west side of East Village adjacent to the Gaslamp Quarter.  Coffee & Art Coffee Bar is a contemporary loft with high ceilings and a shaded outdoor patio.  The owner’s, Wayne & Rui who are brother-in-laws, are gracious and feature local artists works on exhibit and for sale on the walls.  One local artist they have successfuly promoted is Mark Richmond.

The menu at Coffee and Art Coffee Bar is simple and features Breakfast – Acai Bowl, Fruit & Yogurt, Oatmeal, and Croissants with a variety of toppings. Lunch, they serve pot pies and the specialties are curry pot pies including beef, chicken, chicken & mushroom and vegetable curry. 

They serve a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks and each is made to order on the spot.  I ordered a small coffee and they brewed me an individual cup so it was fresh and exceptional.  Additionaly, they serve soda water, water and juice drinks for those looking to quench their thirst.

Coffee and Art Coffee Bar is a quiet place to grab a cup of coffee and visit with locals or just catch some quiet time to read a book or surf the web.  They offer free Wifi and the ambiance offers a warm and welcoming feel.  

What a great place to relax and wind down after a busy day of work or get a java boost the day after a late night out in the Gaslamp Quarter.  If you like quaint, tasteful and unique coffee shops, then Coffee and Art is for you.

I witnessed many neighbors stop in who knew both of the owners well and enjoyed coming to a place where they felt at home.  Visitors will experience the same welcome and while not on the main prommade streets of 4th of 5th Avenues, many visitors from the convention centers are lucky enough to stumble accross this local gem.

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