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Top Reasons to do a Short Sale

If you owe more than your home is worth and want to sell your downtown San Diego property, you should consider a short sale.  We can help!  The top reasons why a short-sale can work for you:

Top Reasons to consider a short sale

many short sales cost the home owner nothing.  In most cases, the lien holder will pay all of the seller’s closing costs including commissions paid to the real estate agents.  There are no fees!

  1. New for 2011- State Senate Bill 931- Provides that in the case of a short sale on residential real property, the holder of the first mortgage or deed of trust shall fully discharge any remaining borrower’s indebtedness following the sale when the sale has been agreed to in writing.  Example:  You owe $750,000, but property is currently worth $500,000.  If the lender agrees in writing to the short-sale at $500,000, they cannot come after the seller for the $250,000 they are losing.  There is no deficiency judgement regardless of whether the loan was recourse on non-recourse.
  2. There is no obligation.  If you decide to change you mind, simply let us know and we stop the process immediately with no cost to you.
  3. We are Short Sale Experts – We have a full time short sale processor on staff and successfuly close short sales monthly.  We are friendly, knowledgeable and diligent. 
  4. Our clients have good experiences with us on short sales.



We can help you

Give us a call or request an appointment to meet to discuss your options.  It’s FREE and there are no obligations.

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