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Dowtown Condo Sales by Neighborhood

Condo sales Downtown San Diego…

broken down by neighborhood helps us understand what is really going on in the current marketplace for condos downtown San Diego 92101.  For 2010 condo sales were led by the East Village neighborhood, which is the largest of the neighborhoods in downtown San Diego.  Out of the 353 total sales in East Village, the majority of those sales were led by new condos from Developers:

Downtown San Diego Condo Sales by Neighborhood

For 2011, we will see a huge difference in the Developer New Condo inventory as Park Terrace is sold out and The Mark has only 2 remaining homes.  The same goes for the Columbia neighborhood as Bayside is down to it’s final homes which include a penthouse unit, one townhome and a few ground floor units.  New home inventory is going to be slim pickings in 2011.

The Columbia District had the second most sales at 203 condos sold which is surprising because it is one of the least developed neighborhoods.  The large number of sales in the Columbia neighborhood is mainly due to Bayside Condos with 108 condos sold.  The sales numbers at Bayside speak to the quality and popularity of the building. 

Little Italy ‘s 179 condos sales are led by Breeza which is another new sales development.  Breeza represents all 50 of the developer sales for the Little Italy neighborhood.  Acqua Vista had 46 condos sold including 15 foreclosure sales, 19 short sales and 12 regular sales.  La Vita had a total of 29 condos sold and had more regular traditional sales, 16, than any other condo building in downtown San Diego for 2010.

The Marina Distict represented the most traditional sales of any neighborhood in San Diego downtown.  The Marina District had a total of 89 traditional sales which was led by Cityfront Terrace at 14 condos sold (non short sale or foreclosure).  The new developer sales were represented by Atria with 41 condos sold and 1 sold at Horizons.

The future of downtown San Diego real estate is certain of one thing…there won’t be any new developer condo projects for sale come this time next year.  Consumers are going to have to buy through an real estate agent.  If you are looking for real estate downtown San Diego, smart buyer’s and sellers choose Dannecker & Associates Welcome to San Diego team.

Give us a call and let us help you make a great home buying decission.

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