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Village @631 Coffee & Wine Bar

The Village @ 631 Coffee & Wine Bar…

…is a coffee shop located just N of Market St on 9th Ave in East Village Downtown San Diego.   The atmosphere is very chic as the building is a small warehouse type structure that has glass doors on the facade that all swing open so it has a very open indoor/outdoor feel and 30’ vaulted ceilings with exposed wood beams and an elaborate fan belt ceiling fan system. The walls are red brick and there is an indoor roof that makes it look like there is a part of a house inside the building…very cool!

Open Daily from 7am-8pm!  You can call in to preorder for pickup at 619-255-9405 or visit them on the web at www.thevillageat631.com 

Currently the wine bar component is not open, but The head baker/chef, Vanessa, just finished up revising the menu and it is much more extensive than before.  The new menu includes:


Wraps | Breakfast Panini | Croissant Sandwhiches | Bagel Sandwhiches | Oatmeal | Quiche 


Panini  |  Sandwiches  |  Wraps  |  Salad  |  Soups  |  Potato Salad |  Veggie Plates

My personal favorite is the Commuter Quickpick Breakfast Combo which includes a small coffe and a hot breakfast sandwhich for only $5.09  Check in on foursquare 10 times and receive a free cup of coffee!

The beer and wine bar should be opening in mid April of 2011. The Village @ 631 already has their licquor license and the contractor is currently working on the build out.

I spent two hours at The Village @ 631 Coffee and Wine Bar this morning and enjoyed a spectacular cup of coffee. I generally order a small coffee when at cafes and I am happy to say my coffee, The West Bean’s Guatemalan roast, was exceptional.

The crowd was a mix of lawschool students heavily focussed on studying or professionals and hipsters working on their laptop computers. It was a cool day today, but there were even a few groups outside taking in the sun.

The Village @ 631 Coffee and Wine Bar is off to a great start and I can’t wait to see the bar component open up. Friendly staff, a local chef and a great location, with a really cool atmosphere. The Village is definitely worth checking out and has much more character and charm than the Starbucks just a block away.

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