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East Village Brooklyn Bagel

Downtown San Diego Brooklyn Bagel and Bialy…

…is a welcome addition to the East Village neighborhood especially for a quick breakfast. Located at 1000 Island Ave in the M2i condo building on the corner of 10th and island, Brooklyn Bagel is already rocking! Phone number is 619-564-0967

Brooklyn Bagel East Village San Diego

The Grand opening for Brooklyn Bagel East Village was Tuesday 4/12/2011. I didn’t make it in until Saturday morning around 9:30am and when we arrived, there were people lined up out the door. I wasn’t expecting a line, but attribute it to the newness factor for the neighborhood. Everybody in line was excited to try the food at our new neighborhood breakfast joint.

Once we got inside, I talked to the girls working the counter and they were super friendly. I had to ask, “what exactly is a bialy?” and was pleased to find out that almost everybody was asking the same question. A bialy, is a bread product that originated in Poland that is similar to a bagel, but there is no hole in it and it is not boiled like a bagel. I was informed that it is generally used for sandwiches at lunch where most consider a bagel as breakfast food.

Downtown San Diego Brooklyn Bagel Food

I ordered an everything bagel with scrambled egg, provolone and sausage. It was awesome…at a really cheap $4.50 and great quality, I’ll be back really soon. My wife, Heather, ordered a whole wheat bagel with egg & cheddar and she considered it the, “best bagel sandwich I’ve had in San Diego.” My cousin Andy ordered a plain bagel with Muenster cheese and ham.  The ham looked different and we came to find out they have their own house made honey cured ham and it was delicious. 

Next time I’m going to try a healthier combo, but I was very happy with the food.  Besides a wide variety of bagels, cream cheese, bagel sandwiches, bialy sandwiches, Brooklyn Bagel East Village also serves soups and salads.

The outside seating area is really cool and I hope to see more like it in the East Village soon.  Brooklyn Bagel is a must try and I give it 5 stars!

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