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Why live in the Gaslamp Quarter?

Living in the Gaslamp San Diego…

…is a very exciting lifestyle that caters to the more energetic crowd.  With year round festivals including events like Street Scenes, Mardis Gras and Shamrock, the Gaslamp Quarter is literally party central.  Living in the Gaslamp is not for everybody, but if you want to be in the middle of the action, then Gaslamp Condos are the place for you!

Gaslamp Condos include Gaslamp City Square, Trellis at 5th Ave and the Hardrock Hotel which sells fractional interest condos.  These condo buildings are referred to as mixed use which include restaurants like Donovan’s Chop and Steak house, Bice Italian Restaurant and other retail and boutique stores.  Living in a mixed use building has both it’s advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of condo living in the Gaslamp include the ease of access to great restaurants & bars.  On the other hand, these same restaurants can produce smells or draw large crowds that can be a turn-off to some home owners.  If you’re not sold on living in the Gaslamp, you can always live right on the edge of the Gaslamp Quarter in the Marina District or East Village.

Alternatives to Gaslamp Living

Popular buildings in the East Village that boarder the Gaslamp Quarter and are often referred to as Gaslamp Condos include Alta,  Lofts @777 and Legend.  In the Marina District, both Crown Bay and Pacific Terrace are close enough to the Gaslamp Quarter to catch some of the energy, but the locations are not as lively as the other Gaslamp Condos.

For help finding a condo building with the right amount of energy and perfect location for you, give us a call.  We know the downtown San Diego neighborhoods and buildings and would be able to make some great recommendations.  Remember, we live downtown and have years of experience with owners in these buildings. 

 We can even connect you to owners so you can ask them questions to make sure the downtown San Diego property is the right one for you.  Your happiness is well worth our time and we try to make sure all of our patrons enjoy our city as much as we do.

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