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Escape Arizona Heat in San Diego This Summer

An open invitation to Arizona:

Spend the summer in Downtown San Diego!

Weather.com reports the current temperature in Phoenix at 104 degrees.  What’s an appropriate adjective???  Sizzling…Balmy…Spring-like???  It is after all, only June 14.  Weather dot com does indicate that relief is in sight for Phoenix.  In October.

Today’s high temperature in San Diego is 72.  Over the next week high temperatures will range between 69 and 74.  The average high temperatures for months from now until Thanksgiving are 76, 78, 77 and 74.  And San Diego’s weather is only one of the reasons you want to spend summer in San Diego.

Downtown living in San Diego is convenient and easy

The word in California is “chill.”  It is completely descriptive of Downtown living in San Diego.  It’s a no stress way of living; within a short walk for most outings and without traffic if you do decide to drive.  Shopping and daily life is so contained in the 100 or so square blocks of Downtown San Diego that many of us go weeks at a time without starting our car!  And Downtown San Diegans provide a warm sense of community and welcome.

In the Marina District,  Ralph’s has just remodeled their store at 101 Market Street to become the urban prototype for all of their stores.  It’s within a few steps of many downtown condos.  Open 24 hours a day, the urban Ralph’s offers a wide selection of prepared foods for every meal.  Try the artisan Woodfire Pizzas.  They’re fresh and healthy, and prepared while you’re shopping.

Albertson’s has a store 10 blocks away in an emerging area of East Village.  The store is located at 655 14th St.  One of Downtown San Diego’s greatest conveniences is Ace Hardware  in the Gaslamp at 675 6th Ave.  Horton Plaza is Downtown’s landmark shopping center.  However, the surrounding blocks shouldn’t be overlooked, with national retailers like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel.  You’ll also find a variety of local galleries, boutiques and other retail options.

Downtown San Diego is renowned for its restaurants and taverns.  As a resident you just might find that your kitchen will become the most underused room in your condo!  One of my new favorite websites,  kingof happyhour.com.  It’s a different approach to food than the “early bird specials,” and offers some fabulous food choices in every category.  Every day a variety of restaurants will update their Happy Hour offerings–so every day is different.

Torrey Pines and Coronado for Golf, Beaches and Sightseeing

Along with our fabulous weather, San Diego offers an array of recreational options.  As a San Diego resident, Torrey Pines might be the best “muni” in the world of golf!  However, even closer to home, the Coronado Golf Club provides 18 great holes of golf and seaside views.  (If you’re there at 8 a.m, 7 mornings a week golfers pay a moving tribute to the Navy SEALs, based just a 4 iron away.  Please ask about this).

The beach cities from Coronado to Oceanside each have their own unique flavor.  You’ll enjoy spending the day on Pearl Street in La Jolla, and the contrast to an afternoon on Cedros Ave in Solana Beach.  It’s only a half hour from home!

Let’s have a conversation about Downtown San Diego Real Estate

Today’s blog is motivated by my newest clients, who reside in Wasilla, AK.  After visiting San Diego every winter for 20 years, they decided to have a winter home here.  We spent four intense days matching their requirements to the opportunities in Downtown San Diego Condos.

For partial year residents, condo living is ideal.  They chose an ideally located, Marina District condo in Marina Park.  It is a spacious 2 Bedroom, with both bedrooms offering ensuite bathrooms.  They chose a midrise complex with a complete amenity package; pool, spa, exercise room, etc.  Most importantly, as they will be there only a few months every year, it is a complex served by a 24 hour concierge.

They also selected a building that will allow them to rent their furnished condo for six months.  It is imperative to check CCRs and HOA rules for rental minimums, as many condos will not allow rentals of less than 12 months.

Advantages of Downtown San Diego Condos

If you could live at the beach in the summertime, would you want to?  It is a stark contrast to Downtown Condo living.  Downtown is uncongested and convenient.  The beaches are crowded and loud.  Downtown is self contained and accessible.  The beaches are isolated and trafficky.

Downtown is affordable.  My Alaskan clients will pay their mortgage (75% LTV), HOA and Property taxes for the summer months from their rental proceeds!

We are still identifying excellent condo opportunities for partial year residents and investors.  Please take a moment to read Investing in Downtown San Diego for more specific details.

San Diego is the place for a summertime escape from the Arizona heat!  It’s also a dream for all of us from Chicago to enjoy a snowbird winter in San Diego.  Let’s start a conversation and see if there is an opportunity for you in Downtown San Diego.

Think about it: 104-72 sounds like a dominating basketball score–but as a temperature comparison, wouldn’t you rather be 72?

Written by: Dannecker & Associates

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