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Has The East Village Become Downtown’s “Hottest” Neighborhood?

East Village: San Diego, 92101

The thriving East Village Neighborhood spans approximately 325 acres, making it the largest burrough in Downtown San Diego.  Projected to experience the greatest amount of growth in upcoming years, the East Village has become a sought after residential hot spot that has attracted the next generation of urban residents.

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Formerly an area of blight, the neighborhood is now revitalized as Downtown’s “Ball Park District” with the emergence of Petco Park.  Since Petco’s opening in April, 2004, a renaissance has begun, sparking development throughout the region.

Old warehouses and run down buildings have evolved  into new boutique shops, restaurants, and even hip, loft style residences, transforming the East Village the neighborhood.

With all the redevelopment, The East Village has the “most upside potential” for investment.

Some of the COMPLETED PROJECTS in The East Village include:

Some of the APPROVED PROJECTS currently in progress include:

  • Sidewalk Improvement Projects
  • The New Central Library
  • Leash Free Interim Dog Park

Some of the exciting projects that are being PROPOSED in the East Village include:

  • East Village Green Park
  • 14th & Island Park
  • Green Streets Program
  • East Village Fire Station
  • A New Superbowl-Caliber Chargers Stadium

With the improving location, we anticipate East Village condo investments to see a dramatic increase in long term value.

As an active resident of this thriving neighborhood, I could tell you first hand that this is an exciting place to live.  And seeing all of these changes happen right before our eyes makes you feel like you are part of a true renaissance of the East Village.

To learn more about what is happening in the East Village,  or to learn more about Real Estate in Downtown, feel free to give me a call (858) 531-8785.  I would love to tell you about what is happening in Downtown San Diego’s  “hottest” neighborhood!

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