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View Condos Downtown

Views from Downtown San Diego Condos…

…can vary greatly and everybody has an opinion of which view is the “best” view, but there really are so many great views from different locations and orientations that it’s worth while to see some examples so you can distinguish which of the view orientations really gets you excited.

I’ll start by saying that it all really comes down to which downtown neighborhood you puchase a view condo, but as long as you are high enough to have a view, it’s really hard to go wrong in downtown San Diego.  Because there is a curve of about 45 degrees in the western part of the San Diego Bay at Seaport Village, there is a lot of water in San Diego and many Downtown San Diego Condo owners are able to enjoy it.

View Condos San Diego


South Views

Condos in downtown San Diego with views to the south have often been regarded as the most popular view orientation (see above).  This view is popular becuase it is very interesting with sights of Coronado, The San Diego Bay, The convention Center, The Marina, Marina Embarcadero Park North and South and of course the Coronado Bridge- a San Diego Icon.  The southerly view orientation provides plentiful light, especially in the winter, but doesn’t bake you in the summer.

The photo on the left is taken from Harbor Club in the Marina District and the photo on the right is taken from a little further north of the water to provide for some interesting city views as well as the water views in the background. 

Condos – West Views

Views to the west are ever so popular for the spectacular San Diego Sunsets.  Views to the west include Point Loma, North Island- the northern most part of Coronado which is still a Navy Base, Shelter Island, Harbor Island and the San Diego Airport. 

The first photo is taken from The Grande in the Columbia District which lies very close to the water’s edge.  The second photo is taken from Pinnacle Marina Tower for a different perspective with some distance between the western water’s shore to add some city substance including views over the Marina District for a different perspective.  One thing to keep in mind is that bay and ocean views are generally black at night and city and buildings offer up a dazzling foreground with the water views in the backdrop. 

The only cons of west facing views are that the sun can be rather blinding in the afternoon as you will get the direct sun in your condo plus the reflection off the water.  If it’s a warm day, you might have to crank the AC, but the westerly breeze generaly offers up a cool breeze of 8-15 mph.

North View Condos San Diego

Views to the North vary greatly depending on the location, but in Little Italy and the Columbia District, there are some buildings with great unobstructed views to the north.  These views include Banker’s Hill, Balboa Park, Mission Bay, Seaword – which offer’s fire works nightly in the summer, and La Jolla. 

If you are located farther South in the Marina or East Village neighborhoods, views to the north offer up some great city views of the buildings in the Core District, the northern hook of the San Diego Bay, Balboa Park and views over the Historic Gaslamp Quarter

One thing to keep in mind with view condos in San Diego with views to the North is that there is not any direct sun with this orientation.  In the summer, when the sun is in the northern hemisphere, it is directly over you instead of to the north of you so it does not shine direct lighting into the property. 

The pros of this are that you never have to close your shades, the cons are that if you worship the sun, then this view orientation might not work well for you unless you purcahse a corner residences with north-west or north-east views.

East Views

Depending on location, views to the East can be really interesting.  A view to the East from the western edge of downtown San diego, will offer up some really great views accross the city and may even include bay views to the South.  Easterly views should include views of parks, buildings, amazing night lights, planes approaching the airport, Gaslamp Quarter, Petco Park and views towards the mountians in the background.

If you are on the Eastern side of downtown in East Village or Cortez Hill, then you will have views to Golden Hill, South San Diego and the San Miguel Mountains.  This will include some interesting tropical cloud formations in the summer with reflections of colorful sunsets from the west. 

Keep in mind, to keep this article brief, I am not covering view mixes.  Yes, by all means, corner residences with more than one view direction are the most popular!  The question is, which direction(s) is(are) right for you?  We hope this gives you some insite prior to coming to Downtown to start looking for a great San Diego view condo.

Views to South again-

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