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Warning: Parking Ticket Fees Increased!

Downtown San Diego

If you discover an all too familiar yellow envelope secured beneath your windshield wiper, you will notice that there have been some substantial increases that will affect your pocket book.

2011 and beyond:  Parking Ticket fees in the City of San Diego will be increased!

Last  November, a decision by City Council to increase parking violations by $12.50 was made to pass along state mandated surcharges. Apparently the city had been absorbing a $9.50 surcharge, which will now be passed along to you.   In addition, we will absorb a new $3 surcharge that the state initiated to help fund state trial court buildings. 

Currently, there are 112 types of parking violations that police officers write tickets for.

 Parking Violations are considered infractions, but they can become very costly.

The Parking Violation guide above highlights some of new costs that you can expect if your are guilty of the noted infraction.

Bottom line:  If you get a ticket in Downtown San Diego, it will cost you more!

A convenient solution to this matter is purchaseing a pre-paid parking debit card.  No more hassles looking for spare change, simply insert a pre-paid card into the meter to eliminate the risk of a meter violation. 

Another benefit to the pre-paid card is you can put any remaining time left on a meter back on the card!  You also have reload capabilities once your card runs out.  Simply take your card to one of the locations listed below and add it to your card.

Where to buy a City of San Diego Parking Card?


  • SD City Parking Administration
    1010 Second Ave., Sixth Floor, West Tower
    San Diego, CA 92101
    (866) 470-1308


  • CCDC Downtown Information Center
    193 Horton Plaza
    San Diego, CA 92101
    Monday, and Thursday 9-1
    Saturday 2-5

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  1. This is ridiculous. Shame on the city for raising parking ticket fees at a time when the economy is doing poor and unemployment is at its highest rate in years. The city will issue a cramping ticket where there is no sign indicating to do so! So a slight incline/decline that you may not consider worthy of cramping now comes with a $60 fine. They have added a convenience fee to pay your ticket online as well. My advice: Don’t come to San Diego! Downtown they employ more meter maids than cops. Find another way to get your money, city council!

  2. Have purchased the debit card but can’t find any information on how to refill them. The DC Metro has a smart card with the same chip and you could register the card and refill it online. How is this done in San Diego?

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