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Davanti Enoteca Little Italy…

…Davanti Enoteca is new to San Diego

So how do you differentiate yourself among the Trattorias, Cuccinas and Pizzerias in Little ItalyDavanti Enoteca arrived in Mid-September after doing a complete remodel on a space formerly occupied by an Italian restaurant that was unable to adequately answer that question. 

The remodel is the beginning.  The space is rustic and classy.  Indoor space merges seamlessly with a starlit patio at the back of the restaurant.  Decor is comfortable and lighting sets the desired mood while being sensible (I could read the menu without reading glasses!).

Davanti Enoteca is demonstrating that there are many ways to emerge as a premier destination in Little Italy.

It’s the Hospitality Business

My first experience at Davanti Enoteca was on September 8, 2011.  It’s memorable because that was the day of the San Diego power outage.  Wandering on India Street, I was approached by the hostess of the brand new restaurant that had just opened.  She said, “hey, we don’t know when the lights are coming back on.  So we’re offering a free drink and appetizers this afternoon.”

Welcome to Davanti Enoteca!  A great first impression.

Mia Francesca in Chicago

It turns out that Davanti Enoteca has a very significant heritage in Chicago.  Over the past decade, Mia Francesca restauarant group has opened over 20 restaurants in Chicago.  Their Chefs are regulars on every “foodie” show in the market. 

Their passion and acumen has driven expansion to other midwestern cities, Scottsdale and now San Diego.  Look for another opening soon in Del Mar Highlands.  Interestingly, the new location of another Downtown standby.  Searsucker recently opened a restaurant called Burlap in the same location.

The menu at Davanti Enoteca is less expansive than many other Little Italy favorites.   I’m crazy about Buon Appetito, but 7 pages of pastas and other specialties on their menu only confuses me.

Davanti’s executive chef, Laco Seeber earned his pedigree in some of Chicago’s best restaurants.  What he is bringing to Little Italy is delicious and distinctive.

Davanti Enoteca Menu

To see the menu click on the Link.  I’m a realtor, not a food critic, so my words and descriptions might not aptly describe how good the food here really is!

Who knew what to expect when the menu item is “truffle egg toast with fontana cheese and asparagus.”  Something delicious is the answer.  Sublime, tasty with perfectly cooked asparagus.  We also had the Sea Bass and Octopus as entrees and they were out of this world.

Appetizers–antipasti–change regularly.  However, the bruschette on my last visit featured fresh vegetables and salmon.  Out of this world.  Pizzas are light and fresh with high quality ingredients.

Eating at Davanti Enoteca is about appealing, aprroprtiate portions of truly excellent food.  You won’t mistake this for Olive Garden with massive plates of pasta and red sauce.  Prices are pleasingly (surprisingly???) reasonable. 

The final word on my Davanti Enoteca experience

My first visit during the San Diego Power outage was memorable.  Free food and drinks with the world on the brink–sheer brilliance and hyperbole.

Now on the happy hour menu Davanti features “Parker’s Blackout Martini” every day.  I love the sense of irony.  And admit to be highly biased by my great experiences.  Check it out.




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