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Busy Bee Locksmith

Downtown San Diego Locksmith

Busy Bee Locksmith is relatively new to the Little Itlay neighborhood.  They are located at 1747 Kettner Blvd dirctly accross the street from the Doma Condos & Lofts Building.  I was in a bind this weekend and they really helped me out!

What I like about Busy Bee Locksmith

  • They carry the Schlage Keys that all of the Bosa Buildings use.
  • They are much cheaper than Grah up in Hillcrest
  • Busy Bee Locksmith has after hours emengency service
  • They are friendly and knowledgeable

Give Busy Bee a call:  619-733-0172

I had a great experience this past weekend with Busy Bee Locksmith.  Saturday afternoon around 4pm, I really needed a key for a property at The Grande because I had a scheduled showing later that afternoon.  Because the Grande uses the Schlage Keys that Home Depot, Lowes, and ACE hardware don’t carry, my options were limited.  I remembered seeing the new locksmith one day last week so I pulled out my iPhone,  did a voice search and there they were: 619-733-0172

I called and Linda answered the phone and notified me that they closed at 3pm on Saturdays.  She took it a step further and asked me what I needed so I explained my situation.  Linda was kind enough to send an emegerncy technician back to the office to meet me to make a key.  Sounds good, but I’m thinking okay, I guess I’ll just suck it up and pay the $50 for the emergency call.  Nope!  They charged me$7 – yes, seven dollars and I was on my way in 2 minutes.

I give Linda and her crew 5 stars!  I highly recommend Busy Bee Locksmith in our own Little Italy.




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