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Lena Nails Little Italy

I planned to treat my good friend Barbara to something special for her birthday. She did not want to go out for lunch again, so she suggested we get a manicure. It took no convincing for me to agree to celebrate her special day with a visit to the nail salon!

Hmmmm…where to go? I wanted us to have a pleasant experience together, and was looking for a salon within close walking distance of Barb’s home at the The Grande. I knew of Lena Nails because I had dropped in a few times to promote our Downtown Walking Tours. On those visits they were always welcoming and kind, allowing me to leave a handful of flyers behind for their customers.

Since a friend of ours had decided to join us for Barbara’s birthday manicure, I thought it would be best to make an appointment. When the three of us arrived at our scheduled appointment time, three manicurists were ready and waiting for us. We were seated immediately, and the manicurists went right to work. My friends and I sat together, side by side, chit-chatting and having fun.

Manicures and Pedicures

The salon is clean and bright. The atmosphere is friendly and casual. In addition to the standard manicure, they offer a selection of services like gel manicures and pedicures. They have large comfortable chairs for pedicures with whirlpool water massage bowls. Their prices are very reasonable. My basic manicure was $11, and Barbara’s gel manicure was $33.

Little Italy Neighborhood

Lena Nails is located at 1770 Kettner Blvd. on the ground level of Doma, residential condominium complex where Welcometosandiego just so happens to have a listing for a contemporary loft-style home with two bedrooms, and den and views to San Diego bay. Other residential complexes in Little Italy close to Lena Nails are Lusso Lofts, Porto Siena, Portico, Acqua Vista, Waterfront, and Village Walk.   For more information, questions or comments, please call (619) 246-8400.

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