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Downtown San Diego’s Columbia District

Downtown San Diego’s Columbia District neighborhood, will at some point in time, be home to the most expensive condo buildings in Downtown.  The reality is that the Columbia neighborhood will be the Downtown neighborhood that experiences the most change in the upcoming years.  This change will bring the luxury factor in the neighborhood up to untouched heights in Downtown’s 92101 zip code.


With the ground breaking for the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan (NEVP) having just took place last week and the new County Administration Center Park under way, the Columbia District will transform from an asphalt jungle to a neighborhood heavily concentrated with green open spaces and a beautiful bay-front.

Let’s face it, the condo buildings of the Columbia District have always been great, but they are about to get a whole lot better!  The quiet zone is set to be finished in June of 2012 and the NEVP phase one, about a year later.

Columbia District Revitalized

The next component to give birth to a swanky new personality will be the development of the Lane Field Lot located between Harbor Drive and Pacific Highway just to the north of Broadway.  This new two tower hotel will bring the retail space and the restaurants the neighborhood has been starving for.

Folks at The Grande and Bayside will be able to walk across a newly renovated Pacific Highway and visit restaurants, day spas, boutiques, galleries, cafes and even lively bars.  What about the loss of views?  Sure, some folks will lose their views of the water on lower floors, but they will have views of attractively designed buildings, park spaces and life rather than parking lots full of cars parked for cruise ship patrons.

We’ve been talking about the transformation of the Columbia District for a long time…  The transformation now.  If you were considering a luxury condo in Downtown San Diego, get in while the getting is good.

San Diego…where else would you rather be?  75 degrees and sunny today…




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