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Mardi Gras – Fat Tuesday – Gaslamp San Diego

Downtown San Diego’s Mardi Gras in the historic Gaslamp District has become a well known celebration in its own right, a highly energized, fun-filled party that draws crowds to the historic Gaslamp District for a last hurrah before the Lent season begins. Although the San Diego’s event is an abbreviated, half-day version of the famous two-week carnival in New Orleans, the festivities are just as spirited and amusing as those in the Big Easy.

The party begins at 6pm on “Fat Tuesday,” February 21, 2012, with events planned throughout the Gaslamp. From sundown until midnight, partygoers will be treated to a parade with beautiful floats, wild costumes and long beads, live music, DJs, dancing, and street performers.

Mardi Gras in historic Gaslamp

The historic Gaslamp neighborhood has a rich history dating back to the 1850s, and is known for its Victorian architecture, nightclubs, art galleries, apparel shops, and multitude of restaurants and diverse cuisine. 19th Century developers Alonzo Horton put downtown San Diego on the map as early visionaries who saw something special in the tiny waterfront town. Part of Gaslamp’s charm is its checkered past, like something out of an old Western movie complete with gunfighters, gamblers, a red-light district and a saloon-keeper and former lawman named Wyatt Earp.

An aerial view of Gaslamp clearly distinguishes the neighborhood from the rest of downtown by its low and mid-rise buildings. Gaslamp building height restrictions are instrumental in retaining the original character of the neighborhood, unique among downtown’s high rise neighborhoods.

Living in Gaslamp

If you are planning on joining the festivities at Mardi Gras, and are curious about Gaslamp real estate, there are a few properties for sale, though not many. In Hard Rock, a condo hotel, there are ownership suites available for sale under $250,000. Ownership guarantees use of 28 nights per year and room dimensions are typically fewer than 500 square feet. The rest of the year, Hard Rock hotel will use your investment as guest suites, for which you get a percentage of the revenue.

Also for sale in Gaslamp is a studio in Trellis, one of only two residential condo buildings in Gaslamp. Trellis and Gaslamp City Square are popular buildings because of their proximity to the district’s nightlife, waterfront, and Padres ballpark.   For more information, questions or comments, please call (619) 246-8400.

Written by: Dannecker & Associates

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