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Home Decorating Trends 2012


Contemporary and Modern styles are two of the most popular home decorating styles to design the inside of your condo today. Whether you currently live in a downtown San Diego condo and want to redecorate or are interested in purchasing one, you will certainly want to incorporate a stylish interior for your own pleasure as well as that of your guests.  These styles are driven by comfortable design and materials in bright colors and textures. So what exactly are these styles and what does it mean?


Contemporary styles are “of the moment”, have free use of color and pattern, and the rooms are always-evolving to reflect changing tastes of the people who live there. With contemporary design, it is easier to incorporate new pieces and colors into the spaces over time. Since there are usually color themes with the contemporary design, there are no “pops” of color, because it is encorporated throughout the room.







Modern design, generally referring to styles developed in the mid-century, is characterized by long, low furniture and natural materials and furniture is often raised off the floor on legs which gives an open, airy feel. Most furnishings are neutral tones, walls are usually white or tan and the room gets its color from smaller objects, like paintings or sculptures, that pop color.


Hot Colors

2012 decorating trends go from neutrals with colorful accents to bold, magnificent colors. Neutrals or gold with ocean blue or turquiose are very classic and welcoming colors, and give a perfect “beach like” feel for a San Diego loft or condo.  These colors can be paired with reflective metallic objects and mirrors, which is a hot interior design theme being used today. Also, bold colors like emerald, ruby, and tangerine, amethyst and sapphire are making a stand in 2012. To prevent your room from becoming overwhelmed by these powerful colors, use them as accents with gentle colors like ivory, silver, dark brown and warm white.

Your home becomes you! Whichever neighborhood or residence you decide to live in,  think how much time you will be there and the joy it will bring to embrace it with your own style!

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