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Learning Downtown San Diego

Hello 92101!

As a recent graduate from San Diego State, and having lived in the College Area for the last 4 years,  the transition over the past month to working downtown has, overall, been a positive experience. Although it comes with a change of environment, a change of pace, a different lifestyle and a different culture, it has been a good step forward. Here are some of my new experiences I thought I would share.

I used to think getting downtown and finding parking was a hassle. However, once I found out good places to park (thanks to my co-workers) and started learning the streets and locations, it has gotten much easier. Yes, most places you park will require you to fork over some change, but parking for as little as $3.25 a day (via monthly a monthly parking permit) fits into my budget and won’t break the bank. Although I park 8 blocks from work it is a nice little 10 minute walk to look forward to in the morning and after work (a little exercise never killed anybody, right?).

Working down here during the day is also different than I expected. After coming down here 90% of  the time in the evenings/night, it’s almost as if a different downtown exists. The day is “business as usual” where most people who are out and about seem to have a destination in sight, whereas the evenings are bustling with people and events looking to live up the night.

The lunch hour for me has now become filled with explore sessions; finding scrumptious lunch spots and fun outdoor activities. When the weather is nice, which it usually is, I enjoy getting some sun and people watching.

Being downtown also reminds me of the time I spend in Spain. I lived downtown near the university that I was attending in Valladolid and enjoyed going down from my apartment each morning and going to the cafe on the ground floor for my daily morning coffee. I miss my time over there, so having abundant food and shopping within walking distance is a feature that I greatly enjoy.

Some of my more recent, first time adventures that I have enjoyed:

-Carnevale in Little Italy last month, where I had a great time looking at the various booths and listening to the live entertainment. The costumes and masks were also a sight to see! I know it doesn’t trump actually being in Italy, but it’s a great tradition that us San Diegans can enjoy without having to travel over 6,100 miles to Venice, Italy. After Carnevale, our last stop for the night was at Waterfront Bar and Grill which had a great atmosphere and location. Waterfront is located at 2044 Kettner Blvd between Hawthorne & W Grape.

-If you are in the mood for some Happy Hour fare, then La Puerta at 560 4th Ave is the place to be. Keeping the margaritas and mexican food coming, they have Happy Hour daily from 3-7pm with  great food and drink specials. Another great atmosphere, this place is one that will continue to get my business.

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