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Movin’ Home Donation Stations

Downtown San Diego

The concept of urban living is relatively new in “America’s Finest City.”

Over the past 2 decades, Downtown San Diego has seen exponential growth, and a migration from the desire to live in a single family detached home in the “burbs”, to a more vibrant, active lifestyle with walk-ability from the home, to work, and to play.

The attraction of urban living, has afforded many fantastic new public improvement projects over the years that have enhanced the quality of life for those who are considering making their home in one of Downtown’s Neighborhoods.

Of course, like any urban environment, Downtown San Diego is not immune to social issues:  one of the more evident is homelessness.

Currently, there are several services and new programs that are being implemented into the the Downtown area.  Tackling this issue is a difficult and sensitive priority for our city, and the group responsible to provide proactive and innovative solutions is the Downtown San Diego Partnership.

Of the many facets that surround the subject of homelessness, San Diego has faced particular challenges with people panhandling.  It is a practice that the city would like to eradicate by educating the fellow residents and visitors of alternatives that provide much more beneficial solutions for those in need.

Recently, I attended a public meeting for the East Village Residents, and the topic of homelessness came up.  Bahija Hamraz, The District Director for the Partnership, presented a very innovative program that is being implemented here in San Diego called the Movin’ Home Donation Stations.

San Diego- Red Parking Meters

The Downtown Partnership did a lot of research in other cities with similar social issues, and have decided to test pilot a program called the Donation Stations.  50 high-tech, solar powered parking meters that were painted red were donated to the City of San Diego by the IPS Group.  These red meters are highly visible and are being placed in key locations to create an awareness to passers by that if they would like to donate their spare change, or make a donation by credit card, that they can do so at the donation stations, which 100% of the money goes towards services that will actively help those who are trying to get back on their feet.

Click on the Video Interview below to learn more about the Donation Stations Program and how it works.

Hats off to the Downtown Partnership for their continued efforts in improving the quality of life in Downtown San Diego.

How to Donate?

** Donations can be made at the Donation Stations using coins or credit cards.

If you’d prefer, you can send a check made payable to:

Downtown San Diego Partnership Foundation to 401 B Street,Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92101.

For more information, contact the Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Clean & Safe Program at (619) 234-8900.

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