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Today I Learned: The Grande Towers…

…Located in San Diego’s Columbia District provide a unique feature to the San Diego Skyline as well as provide a weather report for San Diegans (and non residents who fly or drive into our fine city). While riding on the trolley yesterday to the Poinsettia Bowl game, I spoke with two residents of The Grande North Tower, who pointed out this unique and interesting feature to me. Situated on the top floors of The Grande north and south towers are light boxes that light up in various colors, depending on the next day’s weather forecast. If the following day is going to be sunny and clear, the floors light up in the sunset colors or orange, red & yellow; and if the following day is supposed to be overcast or rainy, they light up in shades of blues and purples.

World renowned lighting specialist, Spencer Finch, the artist who came up with this concept, wanted to incorporate San Diego’s maritime tradition, with a spin on the slogan “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; Red in the morning, sailors take warning.” The colored light boxes, using high-CRI T-8 flourescent lamps with archival color-correct sleeves, receive an RSS feed from a government weather website through an internet connection to both towers. So the next time you are downtown, take a look at these towers as it may help you decide your San Diego activities or attire for the following day!


You learn something new every day! Special thanks to Richard & Donna for sharing this information with me.

If you have any other fun facts about San Diego that you would like to share, please email me at lauryn@welcometosandiego.com.

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