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San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge Lighting Project

What comes to mind when thinking of Paris, New York City or San Francisco? Did the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty &  the Golden Gate Bridge come to mind? Now, what comes to mind when thinking of San Diego? …Think about it. Currently, there is no real defining structure showcasing San Diego. So, the Port of San Diego and The San Diego Foundation are partnering up to create a public artwork for the San Diego Bay. The San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge, more commonly known as the Coronado Bridge, linking San Diego to Coronado Island is a great 1.2 mile opportunity to do this. The bridge was built in 1969 by Robert Mosher.

The port has already approved a bridge lighting plan, which would have the bridge pillars gleaming with various colors by 2015. A programmable LED lighting system will be installed on each pillar, illuminating the San Diego Bay. The lighting intensity and colors would vary depending on the amount of traffic on the bridge, day of the week or holiday season. According to various sources, it would be energy neutral using wind or solar sources.

One holdup however is the funding. It is estimated to cost around $8 million dollars to design, develop and install. With only $75,000 set aside by the port, the rest of the funds will need to be donated or fundraised. Hopefully funds can be raised in time for this awesome artwork to be completed for the enjoyment of San Diegans and tourists alike. In 2012, Coronado Beach was voted #1 beach in the USA by Dr.Beach.org. In 2011, Coronado Beach came in at #2. So it’s only right that we should add another awesome value to San Diego.

What do you think of this project? Share your thoughts here!

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  1. Lighting the bridge is a wonderful project and should really get more attention. We need for our signature skyline to shine at night. Hopefully an organization can swoop in and make some donations.

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