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E3 Civic High School

East Village, Downtown San Diego

San Diego is about to set the bar as a leader in “higher education” with the exciting addition of E3 Civic High within the New Central Library.  Scheduled to open in fall of 2013, this new “High Tech High” will serve approximately 500 high school students in grades from 9-12.

E3 Civic High–  A new Charter School in the New San Diego Central Library designed to foster a culture of success that focuses on the following three key elements:  Engage. Educate. Empower.  (E3)

E3 Civic High Mission

The mission of E3 Civic High is to engage the students of urban San Diego in a successful high school experience by providing a meaningful college and career preparatory education focused on a broad spectrum of 21st Century Literacy.  E3 will achieve this mission by ensuring personalized learning partnerships for each student, both at school and in the community, that foster their self worth, individual passion, creativity, and ability to lead in service to others.

Not only is the New Central Library an iconic building that has changed and improved the East Village skyline, but will put the East Village on the map worldwide as a leader in 21st century literacy.  Located just 1 block from Petco Park, consuming the entire city block between 11th & Park Blvd/ J & Park Blvd.  E3 will be the only school of its kind in the world, & hopefully its success will set a new precedence that inspires others to follow suit.

E3 will feel more like a Starbucks and less like a school, as it will be infused with state of the art technology in an adaptable learning environment.

E3 Civic High Enrollment

Only a lucky few will be selected by lottery to go to E3, and the application process has already begun for Fall of 2013.  To apply, simply click on the following link:

E3 Civic High Student Enrollment Application

This school will be a game changer for the East Village Neighborhood, and after seeing the presentation of the E3 Charter School in front of the East Village Association board this week, I was ecstatic.

As a resident and property owner, I believe that the addition of this new public learning facility will not only enhance the surrounding neighborhood, but will have sustainable impact on long term values of the the neighborhood.

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