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Meridian Condos

It’s time to revisit one of San Diego’s iconic residential buildings.  Limited inventory over the past several months–particularly in large floorplans,has brought many of my clients to visit The Meridian.

In Downtown San Diego, Meridian Condos have been the luxury standard for nearly 30 years (Meridian opened in 1985).  No other residential building has provided a canvas to create an artful residence like Meridian.

With one bedroom apartment homes starting at over 1,400 square feet and two bedrooms at 1,900, Meridian has some of the largest spaces available in Downtown.  One of the most unique features provided at Meridian is over 24 inches of “dead space” in ceilings that allows homeowners to create fabulous cove or tray ceilings and recessed lighting

However, over the past decade, San Diego’s first highrise residential building was becoming a little “long in the tooth.”  This was mainly seen in the decor of common areas.  The lobby, elevators and residential hallways were seriously in need of updating.

The work has been done, and the level of finishes and artful design is clearly befitting Meridian’s status among San Diego Condos.  If for no other reason than it’s ideal Marina District location, buyers must have a look at Meridian.  But today, there is so much more.

San Diego $1 Mil Condos

A quick look at MLS this morning showed 29 Downtown Condos with over 1,900 square feet and priced at $1 mil or higher.  Of these, 5 are developer owned penthouses at Sapphire Tower and Bayside.  Seven of the remaining 24 are in Meridian.

Real Value at Meridian

Although nearly 25% of the inventory in this category is in one building, these are not distressed sales.  Looking at most Downtown Condos, the vast majority of floorplans offer far less than 1,900 square feet.  With this being the smallest of all 2 BR condos at Meridian, it is natural to have this proportionate share.  It is also, a sign of the market’s recovery that long time owners are listing their Meridian condos.

Unlike most Downtown condos, interior design of each Meridian condo is truly unique.  On any floor styles may vary from rustic European to ultra-modern, classic or contemporary.  Neither square footage or location in the building “stack” allows a buyer to know what is offered.

Living at Meridian San Diego

The Meridian lifestyle is unlike any other Downtown Condos.  From the moment of arrival for a resident or their guests the level of service is unequaled.  A white gloved valet parks cars (with unlimited guest parking) and welcomes your arrival.  Concierge services are available for nearly any service required for residents, even when they are not in the building.

The amenities package is on another scale from other alternatives.  The basic amenities anticipated in Downtown living are simply executed at a higher level.  For example, the swimming pool and other outdoor spaces are on nearly an acre of space in the middle of the Marina District!  Additionally, there are two separate gyms–about to be updated with new equipment.

Where Meridian truly exceeds the norm is on its “Plaza Level.”  The 3rd floor offers residents a ballroom that can be reserved for parties and other events.  Additionally there are five guest suites that can be reserved for overnight visitors and guests.  It is like having a luxury hotel in your home!

Many clients have rejected Meridian as an option because of HOA fees that are several hundred dollars higher than other Downtown Condos.  However, looking at the “value proposition” present at Meridian today, even with an HOA that might be $400 higher than alternatives, the cost of living at  Meridian might still be lower than in many other buildings.

If you’re looking at large, luxury condos, Meridian is a sure stop.  In the past, it was a destination for buyers at the top of the market ONLY.  Today, starting at the $1mil price point, these condos are a must see.  Views, location, services and amenities are unbeatable.

Let’s have a conversation about Meridian Condos.

David Manes, Downtown San Diego Realtor can be contacted at david.manes@welcometosandiego.com or 858.432.3203.

Written by: Dannecker & Associates

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