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San Diego Convention Center

Phase III Expansion & Expansion Hotel

A multi-year planning project to increase public access to the waterfront, activate the tidelands on an underutelized part of Downtown San Diego’s waterfront  and meet global demand for convention center space and hotel acommodation, will be presented at an upcoming hearing with the California Coastal Commission.

Phase III Convention Center Expansion & Expansion Hotel  Project Highlights

San Diego Convention center Phase III Expansion

  • Over 400,000 sq feet of combined exhibit hall, meeting room, and ballroom space.
  • A new 5-acre rooftop public park with improved views of the bafront and cityscape.
  • Addition of over 42,000 sq ft of ground level retail space along the bayfront.

San Diego Hilton Bayfront Expansion Hotel

  • Addition of a 500- room tower to expand the luxurious Hilton Bayfront Hotel.
  • Addition of 55,000 sq ft of meeting and ballroom space atop the existing parking garage.

San Diego Convention Center Phase III Project Benefits

  • Nearly 7,000 new, permanent jobs will be added that are related to the Convention center.
  • Projected to increase annual tax revenue by $13.5 Million that will contribute to the city’s general fund, benefitting fire, police, roads, etc…
  • $698 Million in new regional economic impact (In addition to the $1.4 billion that the convention center currently yeilds.)
  • Thousands of new Construction Jobs.

Overall, this ambitious project is a true necessity for San Diego to continue it’s upward growing economy, and to keep some of its already proven business.  It will benefit the entire San Diego County and add excitement to the already thriving waterfront and east village Neighborhoods.

There are still a few milestones to overcome in making this project come to life, but it surely looks like it is gaining some momentum quickly.

Stay tuned for more project updates as we will be keeping an eye on the results of the public hearings.



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