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San Diego Donut Bar

Artisan Donuts-Downtown San Diego

As if I need any more motivation to hit the gym…

A new temptation has hit the Downtown San Diego breakfast scene, and it is quickly becoming a phenomenon…

San Diego’s Donut Bar is a new spin on an old idea.  Since it’s Grand Opening in the Core District of Downtown at  631 B street, patrons have been lining out the door, to get their fill of some of these decadent creations.

San Diego’s Donut Bar is no ordinary donut shop!

The Donut Bar has flavors that change daily, which really gives this modest establishment a gourmet, independent persona.  some of the flavors that make their regular appearance range from creme brulee, bacon chocolate maple bars, Bourbon Infused Maple, Meyer lemon drizzled blueberry  donuts, chocolate espresso, and strawberry cheesecake just name a few…

Get there early because the Donut Bar typically sells out of donuts by 12:00 PM noon!

I highly recommend that you stop by this fantastic new arrival in Downtown.

San Diego Donut Bar Location and Hours:

631 B street (Across from Symphony Tower)

M-F opens @ 7:00 AM

Sat- Sun opens @ 8:00 AM

(310) 625-5571

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