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East Village Fringe Festival

Downtown San Diego’s Ballpark District known as East Village will be hosting the first annual San Diego Fringe Festival from July 1-7.  East Village is an urban neighborhood made up of old warehouse buildings mixed with new condos, hotels, restaurants and bars that has become a hip and artsy neighborhood.

The Fringe Festival will host more than 50 different artists including locals and others from various countries.  These artists will present artworks and perform at the 10th Ave Theater and Arts Center, Seaport Village,  NewSchool of Architecture and Space4Art.

San Diego : America’s Finest City

The East Village Association brings the Fringe Production in 2013 for the first time to display music, theater, dance, puppet shows, comedy, cabaret, cirque and multi-media performances.

The concept behind the Fringe Festival comes from our sister city of Edinburgh, Scotland.  With a great Scottish festival brought to the beer capital of the world, one thing is certain…good times will be had.

East Village San Diego Art Festival

San Diego, known as America’s finest city, is a warm and welcoming city that is young in age, but certainly not character.  There are many entertaining festivals in San Diego every year and this is one more example of what makes life in San Diego great.

To purchase tickets for the East Village Fringe Festival, click here.


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