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San Diego Specialty Shops…Venissimo Cheese

As a local East Villager, I frequent Venissimo Cheese quite often. It is the perfect place to pick up anything from a gourmet meat and cheese tray to a delicious snack like their meat cone. With 3 locations throughout San Diego you have plenty of opportunities to walk in and try just about every cheese you can think of and more that you can’t! Whether you already live in San Diego, looking to live here, or visiting, this is a must do on your list of places to visit and experience. Try one of their classes at the Academy of Cheese if you can. They never disappoint and always bring locals and visitors together to experience the joy of cheese.

Venissimo Mission Hills opened its doors on January 17, 2004, with about 50 cheeses on its shelves.
Roughly three years later, Venissimo opened its second location in Del Mar. Its third shop in Belmont Shore opened in November 2008 & its newest location – complete with an Academy of Cheese (AoC) – opened in downtown San Diego in September 2009. To date, we’ve had almost 2000 cheeses on our shelves.
Where to next? Stay tuned… BIG NEWS COMING!!!

Check them out at http://www.venissimo.com/ or one of there 4 locations
@ Mission Hills | 754 West Washington | 619.491.0708
@ Del Mar | 2710 Via de la Valle | 858.847.9616
@ San Diego | 871 G Street | 619.358.9081
@ Belmont Shore | 195 Claremont Avenue | 562.433.4986

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