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Tender Greens- Downtown

Wholesome Casual Dining- Downtown San Diego

My wish has officially been granted!

Tender Greens, one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego has expanded and opened a location in Downtown.  If you are looking for “Farm to Fork” wholesome cuisine at affordable prices, look no further!

Now OPEN at 120 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101!

My wife and I have been telling people about Tender Greens for years.

We would go out of our way to leave Downtown and drive to Liberty Station in Point Loma, just to eat at Tender Greens.

I had even gone out of my way to speak with the owner to ask them if they would consider a Downtown location.  I told he we desperately needed an alternative to the abundant Pizza, and Burger Joints, and that there is a real market for wholesome, casula dining….  I like to think they listened to me!

Tender Greens looks like a modern day cafeteria with vibrant pastel colors, clean lines, and open seting describe the ambiance.  Upon entering, you approach the menu board, which always has a new daily special.

Prepare to wait in line; however, the line moves relatively quickly…

Healthy Food on the Run

Quick, Delicious, and  Nutritious is how I would describe the Tender Greens Menu

Everything is made from scratch, from the soups to the fabulous deserts!

Open for lunch and dinner- Finaly Downtown has a HEALTHY dining option.

I Highly Recommend Tender Greens.  If you would like more information about some of my favorite Downtown Local Dining or Lifestyle send me an email @ Brent@WelcomeToSanDiego.com.  I would be happy to share some of my local knowledge with you.  better yet, sign up for a tour with your Real Estate and Lifestyle Tours.  This is a great way to learn about Downtown San Diego Neighborhoods, and try some of our local favorite cuisine.


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