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Coronado Real Estate Trends

Real estate in Coronado, California continues to come at a premium with the current trend being that of buying homes and tearing them down to make room for more.  The answer to most new comers and move up buyers on the island are to invest in the land. Lots with dated, small houses are being bought and leveled to make way for a new home and sometimes even 2 new homes.  Yes 2 homes on 1 lot is a common practice as more and more. It may sound a little crazy to purchase a “scrapper” for $1.8 million + but it is the ongoing trend if you want to build in Coronado.

Over the past year the median price of homes sold in Coronado has gone from $1.2 million to $1.8 million for detached homes. Homes sales and prices are still on the rise in Coronado and they will continue along this path as long as the demand for housing remains a high. The homes in Coronado are beautiful some date back over 125 years and new ones are being built everyday. Coronado, California continues to attract visitors from around the world. The culture and the history of this island make it truly a one of a kind place to be and living here…well that’s just the cherry on top.  People even call it “The Modern Day Mayberry” and I completely agree.

Of the new home being built on the Island right now Christian Rice is a name you will see and hear attached to many of them. He is a well known architect on the Island and I love seeing new homes with his designs going up around the neighborhood. Right now I avenue has 5 homes being designed by Christian Rice if that gives you any idea of the amazing work he is doing. He gives his designs that perfect mix of indoor-outdoor style living. With big open windows and lanai doors being a staple of his design, Christian Rice Architectural designs will continue to be a fixture around Coronado.

If you would like more information about homes both new and historical in Coronado please email me at tabitha@welcometosandiego.com or call me at 619-987-4047

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