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Highrise View Condos

When it comes to high-rise view condos in Downtown San Diego near the ballpark, there’s no better place to be than The Mark Condos!  The Mark is a luxury high-rise condo building with a total of 33 stories that sits a block just outside of center field.  If you’re watching the Padres on Fox Sports West and you see the camera angle from behind home plate, then you’ll see The Mark with silver and glass towering outside the center of the stadium.

While there are views to every direction at The Mark, for sure the most popular view is to the south over the ballpark, the San Diego Bay and Coronado.  In able to take advantage of this amazing southern view, one must be at least on the 15th floor of the building in order to see over Parkloft, the only residential mid-rise between The Mark and the stadium.

Views at The Mark are described as Good, Better & Best!

While views are dramatically different from the top of the building, the real story is good, better, best!  To own one of these coveted high-rise view condos, one should expect to pay a minimum of the high $600,000.  For Example, residence 1606 is a one bedroom property plus den with 1054 sq/ft of living space, 2 balconies, 2 parking spaces and a storage room.  The views from 1606 seen below are a prime example of what I referred to as good in my “good, better, best” statement above.

Residence 1606 is currently listed for sale at $699,900 and with a match model recently sold on the 22nd floor for $772,000 this is a very competitive offering(view shown below).  Large one bedroom plans like this serve well for a couple because they feature large walk-in closets, 2 parking and more space than almost any other one bedroom plan in all of Downtown.

View Condos Downtown San Diego

From the entry level view condos with good views, to the better and best views, once can expect a substantial price increase.  For example, the best views will be found on the The Mark penthouse levels (seen below from the 30th floor) which range from 28-31 with the exception of The Mark Penthouse 3200 which is the top two floors of the building and sits as the crown jewel of Downtown San Diego.

What does it cost to own a view like this?  Residence 2801 was the last sale with South views on the penthouse levels and it sold for $1.7M cash with 2011 sq/ft for a price per sq/ft of $845.35.  Yes, these views have their price, but trust me, life is best at the top!

The Mark features a pool, spa, grassy courtyard area, BBQ entertainment areas, 24 hour lobby attendant, fitness center and business conference room.  The style can be described as modern minimalist elegance.  The common area finishes are elegant, but certainly not over the top.

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