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Hanson’s Natural Market Coming to Little Italy!

Great news Little Italy and waterfront residents!  Hanson’s Natural Market is slated to open soon underneath the newly-built apartment building Ariel Suites at the corner of Kettner and Beech Streets.    The store will be 2 levels with the upper level featuring a deli serving sandwiches, Asian and Mexican dishes,  and raw juices including home-brewed kombucha- an amazing fermented tea exilir.

Hanson’s does not carry anything with preservatives or coloring.  Their produce is 90% organic and much of it is already sourced from small farms in San Diego.  All their meats are grass-fed.

Hanson’s currently has one successful store in San Clemente.  Ron Castruita, the owner, runs his store based on customer feedback:  Castruita
only stocks 60% of his shelves himself.  The remaining 40-percent he stocks based on feedback from his customers. “It’s essential for a neighborhood market
to express the needs of the people in that neighborhood,” he explains.  “I still bring in 20-30new items a week.”  

Those living at Bayside, The Grande, Sapphire Tower, Breeza, Acquavista, la Vita, & Aperture will be just blocks away from this new grocery store.  It’s definitely a great time to invest in downtown real estate as our city continues to expand, grow, and cater to local residents who appreciate being conveniently within walking range of unique stores, restaurants, and soon a wonderful new grocery store.    If you are interested in joining our fantastic neighborhood, please call

Laura Ochoa @ 619-920-2823 for help buying or selling.

Directly From Hanson’s website……

PRODUCE: From farm to fork, and depending on the season, our produce section is 90% organic. We focus on organic/local and our prices are excellent! We often carry fruits and  veggies you simply won’t find in traditional grocery stores.  

DELI/RAW JUICING: Our deli features Deitz & Watson meats & cheeses along with a wide range and variety of unique cheeses.  We also feature unique variety of sandwiches that include veggie & gluten free.  We also carry a large variety of organic salads that are constantly changing up.  Our Raw Juicing and Smoothie Bar has Organic based Juices and Veggies with a bunch of healthy supplements.

HEALTH & WELLNESS DEPT: We carry a HUGE assortment of Vitamin, & Supplements and Body Care, Herbal and Homeopathic remedies along with Essential Oils, Candles, Incense/Holders, Bath Essentials, and much more. Our Wellness staff is available for your Holistic and Nutritional Questions at any time!!!

GRASS FED BEEF:  We carry Rocker Bros beef Choice cuts (Iowa Beef Packers (IBP), Nebraska Beef, National Beef Packers, Harris Ranch, Swift, and USDA Certified Angus Beef.

FISH AND POULTRY:  Hanson’s buys local, fresh, wild caught…we filet fish ‘sides’ nearly every day and package ourselves to retain flavor and goodness!!


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