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Downtown San Diego – Favorite Corner

I was sitting at a cafe this morning waiting for my 8:30am apt to arrive.  Having recently come back from a vacation, I still felt  abnormally relaxed and rather than the neurotic check my email every 2 minutes behavior, I just sat there and enjoyed my coffee and was in tune with my surroundings.  Just being there, in the moment, with the city atmosphere reminded me how special San Diego really is.  I’m inclined to make this a 5 part blog with a different location for each neighborhood, but this was the idea that came to me:

What is your favorite corner or intersection in each Downtown neighborhood?

Because this idea came about while at the Influx Cafe on the corner of Fir and India Street, I’m claiming this as my favorite corner location in Little Italy.  What’s so special about this corner?    Piazza Basilone has a fantastic water fountain of a globe with some great seating areas and it’s the intersection of  old San Diego meets new.

Where Old San Diego meets New

On the south east side of Fir St, there are some very charming historical houses that spot the street with brilliant colors and then on the opposite corner, there’ s Jonathan Segal’s most recent and modern work, The Q, which is a sleek high-rise building with cafes and restaurants at street level.  I also really like that some of the older businesses that embraced Little Italy early on are still present too.  These include Nelson’s Photos, Blicks Art Supply and Zias Italian Bistro.


For me, maybe it was just an enjoyable moment that made me appreciate my birth city, but I must say, San Diego and even more specifically, Little Italy is wonderful place to live and play.  If you are considering a move to a walkable urban area, Little Italy should definitely be on your list.  And, don’t forget to check out my favorite corner where Fir and India intersect.

Do you have a favorite spot in Little Italy?  Please share

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  1. Lynne Hodgman says:

    Influx has superb cappuccino and croissants. I did a tour of Little Italy as part of my birthday celebration and it was a must, along with gelato at Pappaleco and dinner at Davanti Enoteca!

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