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East Village Gateway Sign

Let’s face it, there are a lot of great urban communities in San Diego that have their own gateway signs.   It seems to me these signs come to fruition when the community decides to really weave the fabric of their culture and yell out to the surrounding communities just who they are and what they are about.

Places like University Heights, Hill Crest and Little Italy among the many urban cores with gateway signs have really paved the way within the San Diego urban core communities.   All of these communities have the bold and strong sense of being and culture and let’s face it, you either love them or you don’t get them.

East Village San Diego is going to see a tremendous amount of development and change in the next decade

The next big up and coming community in San Diego is East Village, downtown San Diego’s ballpark area that is comprised of old warehouse buildings, dilapidated structures and a number of social services.

East Village has changed tremendously in the last 10 years with the development of the ball park, but it’s going to change 3 fold in the next decade compared to the last decade.

East Village is right in the middle of defining just who it is and what it’s all about.  We’ve got the Padres, some large hotels, a number of restaurants and bars, but new to the neighborhood are companies like Red Door Interactive, Digitaria, Bumblebee Tuna as well as institutions like Thomas Jefferson School of Law and Kaplan College.

Let’s just say that East Village is beginning to thrive and we’ve got a “cool and hip” group of tech companies moving in along with education, tourism, art and some great culinary additions.  This is indeed an exciting time in East Village.

The IDEA district concepts are well underway and change is in the air.  This is going to be the place to be for Gen X and Gen Y.  So, with all of these exciting things happening, now is the time for the community to define it’s character and connect all of the blocks through signage, branding and a similar identity and feel with regards to street signs, benches, light posts, trash cans and of course, a gateway sign.

The goal for East Village residents is to raise $250,000 to install a gateway sign by December 31, 2014.  The East Village Association is accepting donations that are tax deductible for the Landmark sign.  Details for the gateway sign are as follows:

  • So far, $60,000 has been raised
  • The exact location of the landmark sign has not been identified
  • The design has not been finalized.  In fact, we’re looking for your input!
  • You can go online and donate on the EVA website.

Remember, the community is asking us to help fund this project.  As part of our contribution, we’ll donate $500 from every sale to the gateway sign project.  If you know somebody looking to purchase or sell a property, let us know and we’ll not only get them dialed in, but we’ll give right back to the downtown community.   We’re focused on making San Diego the best place to live possible.

For more information, kindly give us a call: 619-356-3099


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