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San Diego Bike Loop

City of San Diego Bicycle Program

Being a bicycle commuter myself, I can appreciate the initiative to improve San Diego’s roadways to cyclists. San Diego’s weather is perfect for cycling, and with so many fun and exciting things to see, it makes perfect sense to bring San Diego into the forefront of bicycle friendly cities.  Bicycling San Diego just got a lot better!

The San Diego Bike Loop is a 7 mile network of bicycle lanes and routes that connect cyclists to downtown businesses and tourist attractions. This is an effort to make the streets more safe for cyclists as the routes take advantage of streets with less traffic and slower speeds. On the loop you will notice clearly marked “Sharrow” lanes that have symbols and route markers that have been painted directly onto the street to help safely navigate and interact with traffic on our roadways.

Overall, this is an excellent and underrated addition to “America’s Finest City.”

By improving San Diego’s roadways and making the city an attraction for cyclists, the city will certainly benefit by increased tourism revenue and the general public enjoying a more healthy lifestyle.  The bike loop will compliment the upcoming Bicycle Share Program that will be implemented in the near future.

San Diego Bike Loop Route Map

For complete details on the San Diego Bike Loop, Click on the following link for a Downloadable PDF Map that you can print.

San Diego Bike Loop Map  

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