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Bosa Development

Not many people can say that they created a true legacy in San Diego.  Nat Bosa is one such person that can say this and completely substantiate it.  Nat Bosa, and Bosa Development, Inc a real estate developer has truly led the renaissance of Downtown San Diego.  Bosa came to downtown San Diego and took a serious risk on projects like Horizons and Discovery because at the time (2000), nobody else was building high-rise construction.

His vision was dead on and his gamble paid off huge, not only for business and profit, but for the city of San Diego and it’s residents.  If you look back 25 years in San Diego, I don’t think people would expect that our downtown would be what it is today.  Nat Bosa is a forward thinker that we are are greatful to have in our community.  Not only does he chose to build fantastic, high quality developments, but he has decided to give back to San Diego and embrace the city.

Nat Bosa hit it big in San Diego!  Big Ideas & Big Rewards

Mr. Bosa has generously donated space to San Diego State University for art and culture installations at his Electra property located on the corner of Broadway and Kettner.  He has also taken the initiative to support the Monarch School which is a school for homeless children that is located in Downtown San Diego.  Mr. Bosa talks about his drivers and passion that have led him to make the decisions that have put his legacy on the map in places like San Diego, Van Couver, Irvine, San Franciso and Seattle.


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