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Quartyard San Diego

East Village, Downtown

Mark your calendars:  March 7th, 2014 will launch the GRAND OPENING of a exciting new project in Downtown’s East Village,unlike anything else:  Quartyard San Diego.

Quartyard is an inspired city block located at 1102 Market Street, that has been completely transformed to a thought provoking social gathering space for mankind and canine companions alike…

What was once a desolate vacant lot, now is an outdoor venue for social gatherings on many levels.  The 25,000 sq ft lot that resides on North side of Market Street between 11th Avenue and Park Boulevard is owned by the City Of San Diego, has been vacant for years, with the notion that this prime location will one day be developed into potentially a high-rise residential or commercial project.  Developers are certainly looking at this lot as an opportunity in the future; however, the feasibility may or may not work to construct a profitable development project… yet.

Enter:  RAD LAB-  A forward thinking group of architects who recently graduated from the nearby New School of Architecture, who came up with a temporary use for the vacant lot, which has evolved into the fascinating concept of Quartyard:  A eco-friendly community space with a much needed gated leash- free dog park, beer garden, coffee shop, restaurant, and music venue , with a rotating array of food trucks that will cater to the venue on a daily basis.

Designed with re-purposed shipping containers, Quartyard will be open 7 days a week and will host a multitude of cultural events from farmers markets to film festivals and outdoor concerts.

RAD LAB Founders, Phil Auchettl, David Lowenstein, and Jason Grauten envisioned a sustainable community gathering place that caters to the local residents and promotes many of the local vendors.  RAD LAB proposed their idea for a interim use public park to the city and the East Village association and raised over $60,000 through a kickstarter program to make bring it to life.  Now you can join in on the fun at the Quartyard Grand Opening Event on March 7th, 2015.  Tickets can be purchased HERE.

 East Village Dog Park

In addition to the many culinary offerings that will include S&M Sausage & Meat, Quartyard will be home to a 5,000 square foot dog park that will serve as an urban oasis for pups in downtown San Diego, providing some much needed off-leash recreation in the city.

East Village residents have been begging for a “leash free” dog park, and Quartyard is going to deliver!

Imagine a place where you can bring your pet, socialize over a carousel of eateries, and an incredible selection of craft beers and cocktails.  I expect Quartyard to be a huge hit in one of the hottest up-and-coming neighborhoods on the West Coast:  The East Village.

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Watch our recent interview featuring Quartyard San Diego to learn more.

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