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Buying a Condo in Litigation

If you are considering buying a condo in litigation or a property that is going through the construction defect process, then you should definitely listen to this audio segment from Howard Sildorff & Scott Levine of Sildorff & Levine, LLP.  These are two of the most knowledgeable attorneys on the topic; Howard wrote the Cauldron Act and Scott wrote State Senate Bill 800 so they were part of defining the construction defect litigation process altogether.

There’s a lot of detail that goes into the entire construction defect process, but Howard and Scott drum it down to what a consumer should know when they consider buying in one of these condo projects.

From a different perspective, Chad Dannecker, Downtown San Diego Real Estate Broker discuss what advantages and disadvantages buying a property in litigation can present.  Chad has extensive experience in buying, selling and being on the board for Downtown San Diego Condo buildings that are currently or have been in litigation.

The Need to Knows  Regarding Construction Defect Litigation

Construction Defect Litigation– KCBQ Radio Segment


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