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Navy Broadway Complex

Last week, I was at a dinner with Nat Bosa and his new sales team for Pacific Gate, Bosa Developments new ultra-luxury high rise tower located on the corner of Pacific and Broadway.  I was shocked when one of the first things Mr. Bosa announced was that Doug Manchester had just started making headway on the Navy Broadway Complex which is located between Harbor Drive and Pacific just south of Broadway.  This is one of the most prime locations in Downtown San Diego and has been one of the most controversial developments in the past two decades.

San Diego’s Newest Bayfront Development

After 5 years without any progress and 3 years without even a stir, it looks like the project is much closer to getting under way than any of us imagined.  Even Nat Bosa, a highly informed developer was quite surprised.  It was just announced that the Navy and California Coastal Commission settled a dispute that was the next to last hurdle to get the project under-way.

Doug Manchester, the developer, made some concessions that led to overcoming the law suit.  At this point, there’s just one more legal roadblock to starting the project that includes:

  • 12 acre site on prime bay front land
  • 2.9 million sq ft of office space – yes you read that right!
  • 351,000 sq ft west coast regional headquarters for the Navy
  • 1,375 hotel rooms
  • 40,000 sq ft museum
  • 1.9 acre park space
  • 213,000 sq ft of retail space
  • 3100 public parking spaces
While many people are very excited to see the NBC project get underway, there is still potential for litigation.  Some people have expressed concerns that the concessions made just aren’t enough to make the current proposed design the highest and best use for San Diego.  Some of the concessions include, but are not limited to:
  • moving the museum directly across from the USS Midway
  • making parking available to the public on holidays and weekends
  • making visible and highly marked corridors to the water prominent so pedestrians can find their way to the bay with ease.
  • adding tourist oriented restaurants and retail on the west side facing Harbor Drive
The NBC project will completely redefine San Diego’s Waterfront
The largest complaint voice so far is that they should have added more park space.  Some San Diegan’s feel the 1.9 acre park should be expanded south all the way across the site to provide more open public green space along San Diego’s waterfront.
If the project can pass the last hurdle, then construction would begin almost immediately.  The face of San Diego is changing quickly in this new thriving economy.  Hold on to your hats because it’s coming!

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